Capitalize on the Proven Intel of Wall Street’s Top Performing Analysts.

In 2022, the Top Performing Analysts Delivered an Average 44.1% Gain Across All Trade Recommendations.

In the Same Period, the S&P500 Lost Over 17%.

Now you can access the latest trade ideas, backed by the highest quality research, from the most experienced and focused professionals that have proven to consistently outperform the stock market.

From 5,000+ Analysts to the Top 100.

Ranked by Proven Performance.

Every week, hundreds of stocks are upgraded (and downgraded) by banks and research firms, where analysts talk up (or down) companies with convincing buy/sell opinions. With so much opinion on tap, how do investors decide which analysts/stocks to follow?…

At tradePilot, we solve this problem by continually tracking thousands of professional analysts, and ranking each one, measured by performance. We then focus only on the 100 top-performing analysts.

Intelligent Investing Ideas… Backed by Due Diligence on Every Idea.

At a glance: Everything you need to see about a recommended company – all the key metrics – in one place…

Whenever a top analyst makes a new stock recommendation, we communicate that trade idea to our members. However, we don’t just stop there…

Call it due diligence, deeper insight, a checklist… no matter how compelling a trade idea, we go a step further in scrutinizing the company/recommendation… in intricate detail.

So whenever a top 100 analyst makes a buy recommendation, we publish a full 20 point checklist of key metrics for the company, covering every important angle – presented in a simple, clear, and intuitive one page report (click here to view a recent example report).

How it Works…

Steps 1-2-3…

Step-by-Step Guidance – Learn How to Invest with Intelligence.

Successful investing is about placing probabilities in your favour, and focusing on the key metrics that count…

An Elite Team of the most Experienced (and Accomplished) Researchers… in Your Corner…

It is a given that professional analysts have the ‘unfair’ advantage when it comes to research spend, data-technologies, and specialist knowledge/intel into a company’s operations, with the most astute analysts having a deep knowledge of the industry within which a company operates.

The vast majority of private investors simply do not have access to the same resources spend or time afforded by prominent banks and specialist research firms.

Some investors will argue that analysts often get it wrong, and they are not wrong. However, it is foolish to discard every analyst based on this perception. The fact is, performance is measurable. And by tracking every analyst, it is possible to separate the most consistently profitable researchers, from the substandard.

We focus on only the top 5% of all analysts, measured by proven performance…

To achieve this, our systems log and track every buy recommendation from every one of thousands of analysts, over a trailing 24 months. Our systems then apply algorithms to identify the top 250 ranked analysts – professionals that have proven to consistently outperform the stock market.

Effectively, we are placing a powerful team of the best [most proven] researchers in your corner.

While ignoring 95% of analysts, we know that every stock recommendation made by any one of the top 5% ranked analysts contain integrity and value. These are investing opportunities we need to pay close attention to (and making additional checks on each company/recommendation).

Actionable Ideas Without the Froth… Delivered.

Every new recommendation made by a top 100 analyst is communicated to members via a simple, 4-page report. Each report contains not only the stock recommendation, but is further scrutinized and diligently checked based on multiple bullish/bearish factors – all presented in one concise, easy to digest report.

The report delivers a premium, 360 degree view on a company beyond simply the professional stock recommendation. A recent report can be viewed here (PDF download).

Members receive a similar, timely in-depth report on every new recommendation made by a top 100 analyst. On average this equates to around xxx premium trade ideas/reports every month.

To our valued members, this provides clear, factual, actionable information on every new trade idea. In the spirit of simplicity, valuable investment ideas need not be more complicated that this.