Upgrade Your Investing Toolbox…

Capitalize on the Proven Intel of Wall Street’s Top Performing Stock Pickers.

From 7,000+ Professional Analysts to the Top 100, Ranked by Performance.

Every week, hundreds of stocks are upgraded and downgraded by banks and research firms, where analysts talk up (or down) companies with convincing buy/sell opinions. With so much opinion on tap, how do investors know which analysts to follow, and which stock recommendations to consider?…

At tradePilot, we solve this problem by continually tracking thousands of professional analysts, and ranking each one, measured by proven performance. We then focus only on the top 100, best performing analysts, reporting their latest recommendations, and publishing a timely, in-depth report on every newly recommended trade idea.

Clear, Actionable Reports on Every Trade Idea – Deep Analysis… Simplified.

Call it due diligence, deeper insight, a checklist of checks… no matter how compelling a trade idea, it is imperative investors see a fuller picture on the company. So whenever a top 100 analyst makes a buy recommendation, we publish a full 24 point checklist of key metrics for the company, presented in a simple, clear, and intuitive format (also downloadable in PDF format).

We keep things simple, goal-oriented, and actionable – there is no excessive information or froth.

By focusing on the latest trade-ideas from only the top-performing researchers, our members are able to access timely, intelligent, research-backed trading ideas, coupled with our in-depth 24-point report on every trade idea.

In our view, this is the catalyst critical to making superior, more intelligent investing decisions. As an add, it also saves hours (and often costly potential mistakes) in research time.

Investors No Longer Need to Follow Every Analyst Recommendation (No Matter How Compelling a Trade Idea), Without Checking How Their Previous Stock Picks Stack Up.

We follow simple, rational logic – professional analysts have access to resources, research, technology, data, and funding rarely available to private (retail) investors. This is coupled with experience and deeper intuitive knowledge in the sector or industry the analyst specializes in.

By tracking all analysts (7,000+), it is possible to determine factually which particular research desks are performing consistently well.

By focusing only on the best performing, top 100 specialists (with a proven track record), our members are able to capture superior investing ideas often overlooked. Moreover, each idea/recommendation is paired with our in-depth 24-point reporting on every company, allowing members to see a fuller 360 degree perspective on the company before making an investing decision.