Access Intelligent Stock Picks from the Smartest, Most Consistently Profitable Analysts on Wall Street.

We Track Thousands of Analyst Recommendations, Ranked by Performance, So You Get the Best Trading Ideas from the Most Proven Professionals.

From 5,000+ Analysts to the Top 100, Ranked by Proven Performance.

For any investor looking to find undervalued stocks, professional analysts provide a constant stream of recommendations, pointing to companies they believe are underpriced, potential buying opportunities.

The problem is, opinions often differ from one analyst to the next, as each analyst applies his/her particular method in determining the ‘true value’ (share price) of a company. For example, while one analyst may be bullish on Tesla stock, another might be less optimistic.

Due to varying opinions between analysts, it becomes difficult for investors to reliably interpret which analysts (and stock recommendations) to follow.

At tradePilot, we aim to solve this problem by tracking thousands of stock recommendations from professional analysts, and ranking each one, measured not only by performance (profitability, percentage win rate, and average profit per trade), but more critically, the analysts’ ability to consistently deliver winning trades.

Put The Smartest Minds In Your Corner…

It is a given that professional analysts have the advantage when it comes to research spend, data-technologies, and specialist knowledge into a company’s operations. More critically, as each analyst specializes in a specific sector, he/she gains an expanding, advantaged knowledge of the industry within which a company operates.

The majority of private investors simply do not have access to the resources, time and experience afforded by specialist research firms.

However, for every successful analyst, there are also an array of analysts who often get it wrong (the ones to avoid)…

To identify the winners, it becomes critical to measure performance (and more importantly, consistency of performance) across all analysts and their past recommendations, in order to capture the highest-probability investing ideas, based on integrity and proven performance. As you will learn first-hand, it pays to have the best minds in your corner.

Focus on the Highest Probability Trades…

Our systems monitor every buy recommendation from thousands of analysts, over a trailing 6, 12 and 24 months. We then apply algorithms to identify not only the top performers based on profitability (percentage winning trades and average profit per trade), but more importantly, the top 100 ranked professionals that have proven to consistently outperform the stock market.

This is where we focus, and communicate the latest trade ideas (supported by a deep-diligence, 16-point checklist – see below) to our valued members…

Effectively, we are placing the knowledge and experience from the most proficient, and proven researchers to your advantage.

Put another way, while ignoring 98% of analysts, we know that every stock recommendation made by any one of the top 2% (top 100) ranked analysts contain integrity, value, and a proven track record, in delivering the highest probability trades on a consistent basis.

Every Analyst Recommendation is Further Checked & Diligently Scrutinized by a Comprehensive 16-Point Healthcheck…

By tracking the most proven performers, we know that every recommendation made by a top 100 analyst contains inherent value – these are the opportunities we pay close attention to…

Whenever we publish the latest stock recommendation by a top-ranked analyst, we apply additional checks, including an in-depth 16-point ‘healthcheck’ on every recommendation…

Call it due diligence, deeper insight, or additional intel – no matter how compelling a trade idea, we drill deeper and apply further scrutiny on the company/recommendation… in methodical detail.

The added analysis provides a more thorough 360 degree insight into the company, pinpointing strengths (which support the analyst recommendation), and specific weaknesses, highlighting any issues.

Every stock recommendation made by a top-rated analyst comes with our 16-point analysis, enabling intelligent, actionable decision making. We keep the data/information simple – presented in a clear one-page PDF report (click here to view a recent report).

To our valued members, this provides clear, objective and actionable information – presented in a simple, concise report – there is no time wasting or excessive data/froth. In the spirit of simplicity, valuable investment ideas need not be any more complicated that this.