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From 5,000+ Analysts to the Top 100, Ranked by Proven Performance.

Every week, hundreds of stocks are upgraded (and downgraded) by banks and research firms, where analysts talk up (or down) companies with convincing buy (or sell) recommendations.

The problem is, opinions often differ from one analyst to the next. While some analysts prove to provide consistently profitable opportunities, the vast majority of analysts remain unreliably ‘hit and miss’ in their recommendations.

With so many opinions on tap, how do investors know which analysts (and stock recommendations) to follow?

At tradePilot, we solve this problem by tracking stock recommendations from thousands of analysts, and ranking each analyst, measured by percentage win rate, average profit per trade, and most critically, the analysts’ ability to consistently deliver winning trades.

Zero Fluff – Maximum Focus on Only the Highest Probability Trade Ideas…

We want to keep investing research simple and objective, without all the unnecessary bells and whistles (the excess fluff).

By directing our focus only on the finest intelligence – the top 100 most proficient analysts with the most proven track record – we are able to deliver the highest probability trading ideas.

Put another way, we know that every stock recommendation made by any one of the top ranked analysts contain integrity and value.

This is further backed by a proven track record, in their ability to deliver superior, deep-researched, trading ideas on a consistent basis.

Every Trade Idea Delivered Fast, Including Our Unique 20-Point Company Healthcheck…

To our members, every stock recommendation is delivered fast, directly via our app, ensuring timely and actionable notification of every trade idea.

Additionally, alongside the latest recommendation, we include additional checks…

Call it due diligence, deeper insight, or additional intel – no matter how compelling a trade idea, we drill deeper and apply further scrutiny on the stock recommendation… in methodical detail.

The added analysis provides a more thorough insight into the company, pinpointing strengths (which support the analyst recommendation), and highlighting any issues.

Everything is delivered witin a simple, objective, and easy-to-navigate app. Download today and start for just $1 (14 day access).