App Development Notes

Development Goals…

I wish to develop an app, which allows signed in users to view my stock trading alerts (‘Latest Trade Ideas Screen’).

The Latest Trade Ideas screen (see third image shown here) consist of valuable stock investing ideas based on my own research and findings (I am a full time investor). The latest alert will always be at the top, then the next, then the next, and so on (in chronological order, with the latest alert always at the top).

As can be seen, each alert is encased in a ’tile’ containing 10 pieces of data/information. The information includes the stock logo, company name, the stock ticker (eg., NFLX, TSLA, etc), current stock price, price target, potential upside, analyst name, analyst ranking, success rate (info-graphic), and average return.

When a user taps any of the tiles, a new screen opens up (‘Trade Idea Screen’), as shown in the fourth image here).

The Trade Idea screen shows the alert in more details (approx 24 items of data). From this screen, users can go back to the main ‘Latest Trade Ideas’ screen by hitting a ‘back’ icon on the top left of the ‘Trade Idea’ screen.

The Service – Briefly…

The stock trade alerts I plan to publish are based on my own in-house research. On a daily basis, I track over 5,000 professional analysts who regularly publish buy/sell alerts on US listed stocks. By closely tracking all 5,000+ analysts, and keeping records of their past recommendations, I rank all the analysts, and am able to determine the most successful ‘top-100’ ranked analysts. Effectively, by keeping a track of the top one-hundred analysts, I am thereby able to publish any new recommendations made by only these high-performance analysts, giving my users valuable and timely trade alerts/ideas from the most successful professional analysts.

So, for instance, whenever a top-100 analyst makes a recommendation (eg., “Buy Recommendation on Netflix Stock with $625.00 price target”), I publish that alert to my users, as explained.

The Process..

On average I want to publish around 3-4 stock alerts per day. The 24 data points are ‘manually input’ by myself within a secure form (which only I have access to) within an admin area. This form needs to be simple and accessible by me easily (but secure), where I can quickly input the 24 fields for every alert I want to publish.

Also, within the secure admin area, I should also be able to ‘edit’ any of the alerts past and present, in case of any errors made.

So, within the form, I enter the below details, which is the same routine for each alert…

01: Stock Logo (image jpg – small size)
02: Name of Analyst (text)
03: Analyst Ranking (number: 1 to 100)
04: Success Rate (%: 0-100)
05: Average Return per Trade (%: 0-infinity)
06: Company Recommended (text)
07: Stock Ticker (text)
08: Price Target ($: number eg., 310.00)
09: Current Price ($: number eg., 201.56)
10: Potential Upside (%: calc % upside from current price to price target)

11-24: TBA….

After Inputting 24 Items…

Once all 24 points are input, I tap “Publish”, and the alerts are presented in the app immediately, within a clean and attractive UI (important), as shown above.

Users can use notification settings on their device to ensure they get the alert as soon as published.

Only 10 of 24 data points are shown in each mini-tile within the ‘Latest Trade Ideas’ screen (see 3rd image above). On tapping any tile, all 24+ data points are shown in the full ‘Trade Idea’ screen (4th image above).

Users can come back to the main ‘Latest Trade Ideas’ screen by tapping a ‘back’ icon on top left.

Additional Notes…

If a user is not signed in, the home page of the app will promote the service (I can design this – all text and images) – it will only contain the information/benefits of using the app, and a ‘Sign Up’ button, which goes to the ‘Create Account’ screen (as per the second image above image above).

Users then sign up (using a payment system eg., stripe). This needs to be fully integrated into the app.

The subscription fee will be $1 for the first 14 days, then auto-bill $117 for the year (subject to change), renewing annually on the same date. Once signed up, then the app will always open up with the ‘Latest Trade Ideas’ screen for signed-in users (members).

If the subscription has not renewed or there is any problem with payments, the user loses access, and the default home page opens up so the user can subscribe again.

If a user is already a member (previously paid and with an active account), they can tap on ‘Login’ link from the Create Account screen, which takes them to the ‘Login’ screen (as per the first image above), in order to sign in.

Further Questions / Clarification…

Contact: Shiz Lakhi

Whatsapp: +971 50 7165700