Ten Years of Consistent Market Beating Performance

Discover How Our Simple Five-Stock Trading Strategy Has Generated Over 4750% Capital Growth in Just Ten Years, Trading Large Cap Stocks Like Apple, Amazon, and Netflix…

Don’t Just Trade Apple. Know Precisely When to Enter/Exit, by Tracking the Smart Money

Built upon professional, time-tested investing methods, we developed our unique trading system by combining both company fundamentals (finding the strongest free-cash-flow generating, deep-value growth companies), together with technical indicators which identify oversold stocks potentially under ‘smart-money’ accumulation

The result is a powerful, systematic method of investing, which zooms in on only high-probability, deep-value stocks we focus on.


  • Based on Fully-Automated, 9-Rule Trading Algorithm.
  • Focused 100% on S&P500 Stocks (Easy to Trade).
  • Requires Only Minutes to Trade, Once Every 4 Weeks.
  • Full 10 Year Track Record of all Issued Trades, Including Every Winning and Losing Trade.
  • Profitable in 10/10 Years Since Inception.
  • Consistent Outperformance vs. the S&P500 Benchmark in Nine out of 10 Years.
  • Avg Return +48.93%/Year Since Dec 2008 (Zero Margin).
  • Up +34.61% so far in 2018 (January-August).
  • Initial $10,000 Invested has Grown to $484,549.
  • Top Five Stocks Published 6pm Every Fourth Sunday.
Stock Trading Strategy - Long Term Performance

Put to the test, the performance results demonstrate how a disciplined, fully automated combination of positive fundamentals, with precise technical indicators (including price/50 day MA, and institutional money-flow), results in a superior, consistently outperforming stock portfolio...

The First Step: Capture the Strongest, Free-Cash-Flow Generating Companies with Improving Gross Profit, Operating Margin Growth, and Low Debt…

Based on a four-weekly stock screen applied to all five-hundred S&P stocks (with the exclusion of financial stocks), this initial step is designed to capture companies which meet nine distinct criteria. The rules combine both company fundamentals (derived from each company’s quarterly profit/loss, cash-flow, and balance-sheet statements), plus technical analysis indicators. The screening rules are…

  1. Improving Quarter-on-Previous-Year-Quarter Gross Profits.
  2. Improving Quarterly Operating Cash-Flow Margins.
  3. Maximum Enterprise-Value to Free-Cash-Flow Ratio (EV/FCF) of 25.
  4. Maximum Price-to-Cash-Flow Ratio (P/CF) of 25.
  5. Maximum Debt-to-Book-Value Ratio of 1.0 (Debt/Equity).
  6. Stock Price Below 50 Day Moving Average (Not Technically Overbought).
  7. Increasing Institutional Money-Flow, Relative to Historical Levels.
  8. Companies Must be Within S&P500 Universe (Liquidity).
  9. Exclude Companies Within the Financial/Biotech Industries.

The entire process is fully automated. The top five ranked stocks, which make up the smart-portfolio, are updated and published every 4 weeks.

Based on historical backtesting, whereby the top five ranked stocks are bought and held every four weeks, the results have proven to demonstrate profitability every year since inception, and consistent outperformance against the S&P500 benchmark in nine out of ten years.

Important note: The results shown are based on algorithmic, hypothetical backtests. Always keep in mind, trading does involve risk, and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Crowd-Following (Dumb-Money) vs the Smart-Money…

Trading stocks successfully is not just about buying over-popularized companies on a hunch, often cheer-led by the media. In the markets you are either buying things because every other person you know is doing it (often called the ‘dumb-money’), or you wait for opportunities to unfold, when a quality ‘watchlist’ stock becomes temporarily oversold/undervalued.

Professional investors (the ‘smart-money’) know this, and wait patiently for precise technical signals to determine ‘when’ to enter/exit a trade…

By maintaining a continually updated watchlist of quality, pre-screened stocks, which include superior growth businesses like Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Home Depot, etc., and then automatically tracking each stock for key technical entry/exit indicators, including focus on what the ‘smart-money’ is buying, we are able to take full advantage of the most opportune moments when a particular stock offers the optimum time to enter a trade.

Take the Guesswork Out of Trading Stocks…

As the entire process is fully-automated, we take the guesswork out of what to trade, when to trade and how many shares to trade. This is the information we trade on, and share with our valued subscribers, in a concise, simple 4-weekly report.

Over the past 10 years, there have been 127 four-week periods. Every stock entry/exit issued (both winners and losers), on a trade-by-trade basis is published, showing precisely how our portfolio has gained over 47.5 times the original $10,000 capital over this time period.

Our four-weekly report (PDF format), which contains the complete list of all qualifying stocks, with the ‘top five’ stocks clearly highlighted, are sent via email to members, every fourth Sunday around 6pm, ready for the next trading session (we buy at or near the market close on the next trading day).

Not a Single Losing Year, Plus Consistent Outperformance vs. the S&P Benchmark in 9/10 Years…

Our five-stock portfolio has consistently proven not only to be profitable every year since inception, but has also continually outperformed the S&P500 benchmark index in nine out of 10 years.

While the portfolio generated 47.5x the original capital, the S&P500 returned only 2.5x with the same startup capital, over the same period. That equates to nearly 19 times the growth generated in our smart-portfolio, in comparison to a passive index portfolio, such as the S&P500.

Moreover, the trading strategy does not require investors to trade aggressively, or trade on margin (using borrowed capital/leverage). We don’t trade any obscure, hard-to-execute small-cap or penny stocks…

Our trading focuses 100% on only large-cap S&P500 stocks, which provide maximum liquidity, and are very easy to trade. This also allows us to share our five-stock portfolio with subscribers, without competition, or conflict of interest.

The amount of time we spend on trading is minimal, as positions are bought/sold/held only once every four weeks (28 days), taking only a few minutes of time before the market close. The next 27 days, we stay out of the market. Our entire performance record over the last 10 years uses zero margin.

Start Receiving the Most Up-to-Date Smart-Portfolio Watchlist, Published 6pm Every Fourth Sunday…

Our primary objective is to provide our subscribers with the full list of qualifying stocks. These are all pre-screened companies which have been checked to pass all nine qualifying rules…

Stocks within the watchlist are presented in a precise sort-order of highest relative smart money-flow, allowing members to more easily emulate our top-five portfolio if they wish. Or alternatively, research any individual pre-screened stock from the entire watchlist, to consider trading ideas as part of their own individual trading strategies or portfolio’s.

Membership is priced at $79/month. To purchase a monthly subscription (cancel anytime), please click on the ‘Subscibe’ button below.

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